Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec/Jan/Feb Free 2011 Issue is now Available

The one time Free Issue is now available for Antrim Residents. Just click on the Link below and you can view the magazine. Please help support my efforts and hard work by then ordering a subscription to the magazine if you enjoy this free issue. The magazine can be ordered on my website for $21.00. Thank you and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dec/Jan/Feb 2011 Issue is due out the first week of December. This issue is free to all Antrim Readers of the Limrik and will be available the first week of December. Please check back in to access the magazine's link.

The Dec/Jan/Feb 2011 Issue is going to be full of great people and articles...

Living with Spirituality (A brief short story about the investigation of the home that drew attention of the Ghost Hunters TAPS team)

Living Deliberately (Who I am?) & Living Deliberately....~The Ripple Effect~

History of Christmas~~~Parenting with a View..... (Respect your Youth)~~

Be a pacifist, but not a passivist ~~~~~Buddist Denley Van Dyk


by Carmen Carignan ATP®~~

And so much more!!!!! The Issue will be available the first week of December!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sept-Oct-Nov 2011 Issue is now available!!

The issue is full of tons of great articles and resources...Living with personal story of an investigation of a private residence with the Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group...What is an Empath/Intuitive/Psychic and Medium? ~~Angel Corner with Carmen~~ Ravensgrove Coven ~Superstitious Beliefs~

A compilation of some of the most common superstitious beliefs and practices from around the world. While some people follow them religiously, others dismiss them as mere irrational beliefs.

Living Deliberately~~Woman are faces with many masks~~

What is an Empath, Medium, Intuitive and Psychic?
by Karen Tatro

We hear these terms often and they are easily thrown around in the world of the paranormal/spiritual. Often times people do not fully understand what each of them mean. They are all very similar in their definition of being “sensitive seers” but they are uniquely different. Many “sensitive seers” are a combination of all and some are not.....

Intuitive Wellness by Christina South~ 5 ways to boost your immune system~~

The Psychology of Woman and Horses
by Delphi M. Toth, Ph.D.

Mysterious ways~~shared 911 story

Five months had passed since my husband, Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. It was an especially cold winter here in Connecticut, and I found solace in talking with other who had lost loved one on 9/11. We’d meet frequently to share the feelings we couldn't explain to anyone else. Eamon’s death still seemed unbelievable. To me, he had just gone to work and not come home.

Antonio Almeida PhD~~~I know 'The Secret'

We find ourselves torn by confusion, by conflict, by affirmation and denial, by emotion congested fear, frozen by pride. We are afraid of the Universe in which we live, suspicious of people around us, uncertain of salvation of our own souls. All these things negatively react and cause physical disorders.

And so much more!!!!! Check it out $5.25 an issue $21.00 subscription

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Sept/Oct/Nov Issue is 66 pages full of wonderful articles to help inspire you to look at your life. Thought provoking!!

I have a network of really talented people who are providing their services to help inspire you to Live Deliberately!!!

Carmen (Angel Corner), Buddhist Talk, Tony Angelo(Writer), Ron Reeder (The man who talks to angels), Joy's Network (Helping Cancer Survivors), Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group, CC The Huntress, Antonio Almeida (Life Coach & Spiritual motivator),Avon with Tammy, Lisa Phelps(Horse care), Janine (Massage and Reiki) and so much more!!!!

The Issue is coming out soon~~~ Please give it a read and see what is inside for you!!!

If you want to check out a free issue here is the link to view!! The magazine is an online publication and can be printed at home in a pdf format.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Coming in Sept/Oct/Nov's Issue

The Mirror Magazine is an on-line publication. It is published 4 times a year with Sept/Oct/Nov coming the first week of Sept.... An issue is $3.50 and subscription $21.00....Summer Sale of $15.00 going on right can order the magazine on my website

The Mirror Magazine is supported by subscription orders, advertisements and donations. Please consider ordering the magazine...

Often times what we read greatly impacts how we live!!!!

Take some time to enjoy The Mirror.....

Living Deliberately......."I think I've finally figured out why at 50, maybe even in your 40's that you are really living and although your aging physically, you have a whole new perspective of life and how you want to live it. Why do you think?"

"Woman are ladies of many masks" Every woman should read this article....

Living with Spirituality.......One of my personal experiences with a spirit and a paranormal team... What really is being an Empath, Medium, or Psychic?

Angel Connections with Carmen.....

Buddist Talk....Garden Secrets....The Writer's Guild.....Parenting with a View.... and much more

Monday, August 15, 2011

Check out the July/August Issue.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Check out Two free Issues!!!!

Thank you for coming to my blog! Here are two free Issues of the Mirror Magazine. click on the link and enjoy. Then consider ordering a subscription $21.00 for a bi/monthly web version. Print is also available. To order the magazine go to

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Thank you for viewing my blog site. On my site you will find two free issues of my magazine. I hope you enjoy them. The magazine can be ordered on my website A single issue is $3.50 and a subscription to the bi/monthly magazine is $15.00 on sale for the summer. Please consider ordering and issue or subscription as the magazine is a work of love and every order greatly helps me keep it going. I donate free issues to many businesses and organizations and put a lot of work into the magazine for the enjoyment it brings to you; the reader. Thank you for your business and your support. Karen

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July/Aug 2011 Issue

~The Giving Tree; Questions&Answers with Paranormal Teams; A stay on Nantucket;Garden Secrets; The Angel Corner with Carmen Carignan; Firewalking;Stories of Spirituality with Antonio Almedia PhD; Buddist Talk and The Animal Kingdom with Denley Van Dyk; Tony Angelo(Author); Joy's Network; Parenting with a View; Good Eats and more...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Believe in yourself!!!

In 1927, a thirty-two-year-old man stood on the edge of the lake in Chicago's Lincoln Park, planning to drop beneath the dark waters and drown. His daughter had died, his company had gone bankrupt, his reputation had been ruined, and he was becoming an alcoholic. Looking into the lake, he asked himself what one small man in his position could possibly do. Then an answer came to him; he was now free to take risks, to initiate action on his own, and, by doing so, to help other people. He returned home and committed himself to the work that he believed the universe wanted him to do, instead of what he had been taught to do. He watched the laws of natural world and altered his own living patterns accordingly, eventually changing his life completely. Those laws were inspired and support in his greatest achievements. But without his believing and taking a chance, his contributions to humanity would never have been made, and no one would have come to respect the name of Buckminister Fuller.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


HAPPY SUMMER SALE Web Subscription Sale!!!

$15.00 for a limited time only..If you have considered ordering. Now is the perfect time to order and enjoy some new summer reading!!

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Free Issues of The Mirror!!!

Thank you for coming to my blog! Here are two free Issues of the Mirror Magazine. click on the link and enjoy. Then consider ordering a subscription $21.00 for a bi/monthly web version. Print is also available. To order the magazine go to

Monday, June 6, 2011

May/June 2011 Issue

LIVING DELIBERATELY (Emotional Constipation & Emotionally Handicap) I’ve used these words probably in the same manner that people use “whatever” or “ it is what it is.” It is the grand sum of defining a situation, event, or person. How do I use it? And what does it actually mean? Well, if you can recall in the children’s move ‘Tarzan’, the elephant and gorilla were continually debating, arguing and analyzing everything....CONTINUE READING IN THE ISSUE...ORDER AT


Welcome to this new feature of The Mirror Magazine. As a certified Angeltherapy Practitioner® with
advanced training, my passion is to share with the world what I have learned, my personal experiences
with the angels, address questions that readers may have, give you angel messages, share healing
techniques , and offer angel guidance for situations that may come up in your personal life. I welcome
questions that you send in that I will randomly select to address in each issue.
So often I am asked who are the angels and how do I know they even exist? Evidence of angels cross all denominations and societies. Angels are portrayed in ancient art work, literature and in the Bible. They are light beings from a very high vibration that exude pure love. They are powerful healers whose purpose is to assist God with the challenges within ourselves, our individual lives and the challenges of the world. They have become more and more prevalent as people open up to their assistance. They are like our cheer leaders, bringing light, joy and love into situations, transmuting all fear,
bringing healing and gently guiding those who ask for their assistance.
There are many angels. If you look into books on angels, you will read about the different
rankings in the angelic realm. Many have responsibilities that are not of this world. Of those
that do, there are four different groups of angels. There are the large, role specific angels
called the Archangels. Each exude a particular color vibration, and each have their own
areas they are responsible for. Then there are, what I call, the generic angels, who assist us
in all aspects of our lives without having any specific roles. The next rank of the angels close
to us are the guardian angels. I have seen two with each person. They are assigned to you
at birth and stay with you until you die. The last ones, are the fairy angels. These tend to
the environment, nature and animals. They have a different energy, sometimes mischievious
but in a fun loving way because they love to play. CONTINUE READING IN MAY/JUNE 2011 ISSUE....

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The Mirror Magazine Now available in Print or Web

Print $6.00/42.00 Subscription or Web $3.50/21.00 Subscription....

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