Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sept-Oct-Nov 2011 Issue is now available!!

The issue is full of tons of great articles and resources...Living with personal story of an investigation of a private residence with the Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group...What is an Empath/Intuitive/Psychic and Medium? ~~Angel Corner with Carmen~~ Ravensgrove Coven ~Superstitious Beliefs~

A compilation of some of the most common superstitious beliefs and practices from around the world. While some people follow them religiously, others dismiss them as mere irrational beliefs.

Living Deliberately~~Woman are faces with many masks~~

What is an Empath, Medium, Intuitive and Psychic?
by Karen Tatro

We hear these terms often and they are easily thrown around in the world of the paranormal/spiritual. Often times people do not fully understand what each of them mean. They are all very similar in their definition of being “sensitive seers” but they are uniquely different. Many “sensitive seers” are a combination of all and some are not.....

Intuitive Wellness by Christina South~ 5 ways to boost your immune system~~

The Psychology of Woman and Horses
by Delphi M. Toth, Ph.D.

Mysterious ways~~shared 911 story

Five months had passed since my husband, Eamon, died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. It was an especially cold winter here in Connecticut, and I found solace in talking with other who had lost loved one on 9/11. We’d meet frequently to share the feelings we couldn't explain to anyone else. Eamon’s death still seemed unbelievable. To me, he had just gone to work and not come home.

Antonio Almeida PhD~~~I know 'The Secret'

We find ourselves torn by confusion, by conflict, by affirmation and denial, by emotion congested fear, frozen by pride. We are afraid of the Universe in which we live, suspicious of people around us, uncertain of salvation of our own souls. All these things negatively react and cause physical disorders.

And so much more!!!!! Check it out $5.25 an issue $21.00 subscription

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Sept/Oct/Nov Issue is 66 pages full of wonderful articles to help inspire you to look at your life. Thought provoking!!

I have a network of really talented people who are providing their services to help inspire you to Live Deliberately!!!

Carmen (Angel Corner), Buddhist Talk, Tony Angelo(Writer), Ron Reeder (The man who talks to angels), Joy's Network (Helping Cancer Survivors), Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group, CC The Huntress, Antonio Almeida (Life Coach & Spiritual motivator),Avon with Tammy, Lisa Phelps(Horse care), Janine (Massage and Reiki) and so much more!!!!

The Issue is coming out soon~~~ Please give it a read and see what is inside for you!!!

If you want to check out a free issue here is the link to view!! The magazine is an online publication and can be printed at home in a pdf format.