Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Living Deliberately (To Honor The Self is...);Humor & Inspiration (Interview with a Centurion, by Lisa Phelps); Living with Spirituality (Finding my Spirit Animal); Furry & Feathered Friends (The life of a dog versus the life of a cat & The Life of Dogs, by Kathleen Brodkin);The Doctor Speaks (All you want to know & don't want to know about THE MENOPAUSE by Dr. Bruce Brodkin); Parenting with a View (Home Away from Home, by Nicole Tatro); Good Eats, The Writer's Guild, Nov/Dec Events and more..

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Friday, October 15, 2010

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Read The Mirror Magazine's own investigation of The Maplehurst Inn in Antrim, NH.

The resident spirit stories, evp's, photos, staff interviews and more.. A way of bringing a personal side to spirituality.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Mirror Magazine has a special October Issue!!!!

The Maple hurst Inn
Antrim, NH

Maine Paranormal
October 22nd
Tickets $50.00 couple, $25/p.p, children $18.00, Seniors $10.00 Dinner Buffet/ghost tour

~The Mirror Magazine has the exclusive story~

The Inn originally built in the late 1700's has been serving the Antrim residents and guests with lodging and spirits. It also has a few "resident spirits" of its own. The Mirror Magazine will tell their stories in a very personal and unique way. Order your issue Oct 15th and enjoy!
Join us for the evening of good food and tales. You will see that 'the spirits are Inn'.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Read about CC the Huntress in the Issue!!!! Get your ghost on with CC

Living with Spirituality (Meet CC the Huntress) Paranormal investigator. Read my 10 page article about my personal experience on an investigation with CC to the Monadnock Inn in Jaffrey, NH.

My article is about the investigation and what paranormal investigators do and how they do it. I also explore what spirituality means and the difference between a ghost and a spirit.
Parenting with a View
Kids are on vacation too!! The summer vacation Pool Patrol. A light funny article about our camping vacation and the elderly pool attendees behavior with the younger generation.
Living Deliberately "A bad apology is better than no apology at all"
A touching story of Noble Noa and her participation on the construction of the War Dog statue. Watch touching video and learn about the forgotten canine soldiers who touched the lives of so many.
Garden Secrets, The Writer's Guild, Great Food, Sept/Oct Events page..The Doc Speaks...(Dr. Bruce Brodkin speaks of woman's issue)
and much more!!!!
The Mirror Magazine's website offers a great window to what the issue is about and you can view more details there.
The Mirror Magazine is a bi/monthly digital magazine. You can also print the magazine in a PDF format for your reading preference.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July/August Issue is now Available


Living with Spirituality~~~(Meet the Mediums! Read about my interview with 4 Certified highly recognized Mediums and Spirit Healers. What better way to understand the spirit world than from those who communicate with the spirits.

Parenting with a View~~~ (What kind of parent do you want to be? Do you ever ask yourself that question? And if you know are you being it? Parenting is hard and a huge responsibility and we all understand the strain it can have at times.)

A Fox Tale (Friends of the Feathered and Furry) ~~The Smile (by Lisa Phelps)~~To Love and Be Loved (The definition of what love really means and how our beliefs can really affect how we love)~~~The Stream's Flow (Living Deliberately~Imagine the Stream is Life and the Water are the people in it. How well does your stream flow?)
The Beauty Box~~Summer Hair

And much more~~~Read your issue today for $3.50 or subscribe for $16.50 Take some time to enjoy The Mirror~~~ WWW.THEMIRRORMAGAZINE.NET/

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Parenting With A View

August 7th, 1998
This is an entry from my journal, when my daughter was only 2. I have stumbled upon it and found that it was amazing how much today here in 2010, I value the advice I wrote and continue to value it for the future. Enjoy~~
~~~~Nicole, life is filled with so many quests. One needs to always be aware of the hidden meanings in our ventures. Life is not just a physical place to live in, it is a spiritual place. There's a purpose for your soul to fulfill here. So as you go into and through life, always be aware of the knowledge you can achieve from that which happens around you. There are secret messages that come in many forms. All things can be a mirage. Failure can be hidden in success, success can hidden in failure, pain can be hidden in bliss and complete joy can be hidden in painful moments. Always look deep inside for the correct messages and always listen with a spiritual eye & ear. It took me a short time I guess in life to feel this, for some it can take a long time, maybe some will never understand that wisdom. Remember, however, that may be the purpose. If you are aware that each person is on their own journey and you can open yourself to that awareness, you will understand.
There is a very soothing quality to a quiet mind. To be living from a view point of no judgement. To see things or hear things at their simplest level. You may not even understand my words now, but I hope that someday you do. I hope to teach you as you grow that looking deep inside of things is so powerful. And there is real peace when you can 'see' things for their own perfect beauty. A true test to understanding this, is to sit somewhere, in Nature and look around you. Look at the beauty, the simpleness of the surroundings. Really look, with no thought of what you are seeing. No judgement, just look. You will not only see, you will feel what it really is all about and then you will see everything that way, people, things, places with the eyes of compassion and love. You will then understand what my words here mean.
I love you! Mom
Today 2010
My thoughts reflecting on the advice I gave such a long time ago? I feel honored that my view is still the same. I've personally learned much along my own journey in raising children and parenting is not always an easy task. Parenting is hard in so many ways. It is very demanding of our time and our attention. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed in all the work of it and then in the blink of an eye, it can be the easiest thing ever. Parenting is a very huge responsibility, as we are contributing to the development of an individual soul. However, we do not own our children, we do not own their beliefs, their dreams, their own purpose in their soul's journey. We are companions on this journey. And their journey may be very different than our own. Their lessons may be different, harder, easier, painful or joyful than ours. We are creators and co-creators, living amongst each other in this marvelous play of the Universe.